Chef, Ziemowit Owczarz, is responsible for the composition of the menu and the character of the ISTO restaurant. The result of his work are dishes that surprise, delight and captivate. These are flavours you want to return to.

Ziemowit Owczarz


Chef, Ziemowit Owczarz, reaches back to the culinary traditions of his family home, rediscovering them in a completely different, unobvious edition. He is constantly looking for new structures and flavour combinations, putting content above form. Although inspired by global trends, the heart of his cuisine is high quality, fresh, regional products.

In every dish, he aims to unleash umami – the fifth, extraordinary flavour. His cuisine surprises, captivates and fascinates. It is an unprecedented fusion of Silesian and European culinary ideas, with perceptible hints of Japan.

Ziemowit worked in the Michelin-starred Cracow restaurant Bottiglieria 1881 and in Studio Qulinarne restaurant. He gained experience under the guidance of such virtuoso chefs as: Paulo Airaudo, Felice Lo Basso, Diego Rossi and Giacomo Monzali. Today, he guarantees a unique culinary experience and provokes discussions about original tastes at our ISTO restaurant in Katowice.

Monika Paruch

Restaurant Manager

Monika Paruch knows everything about the catering industry. No wonder, this is due to passion, ambition and many years of experience. She ran restaurants in various parts of Poland – in Wrocław, Warsaw, Szczecin, Świnoujście, but it was Katowice where she found her place on earth. Silesian traditions have won her heart and her cuisine her palate. In love with the region, she makes her presence felt at ISTO by working with local contractors. She is constantly looking for unique products. She is not afraid of challenges and knows that they are best undertaken with a close-knit, committed team. She believes that it is people who make places, and ISTO restaurant is one of those truly special places!