Restaurant Week

Thanks to your positive reviews and opinions, we were avarded in the Restaurant Week ranking in several categories!


To book a table, call us:
mobile 519 073 880

In our restaurant you can book a standard table or at intimate box table.

Why in ISTO

  • Uncompromising seasonal cuisine from Ziemowit Owczarz, who moved to Silesia from the Michelin-starred Bottiglieria 1881 retaurant in Cracow.
  • A modern, comfortable interior in the KTW building, designed by Medusa Group.
  • Unforgettable views of the metropolis (Spodek, International Congress Centre, Eye of the City).
  • Location in the heart of Katowice.
  • Exclusive use of the restaurant (space for up to 82 people).
  • Free parking lot at Olimpijska street.

Menu - Cuisine is made by people

Chef, Ziemowit Owczarz, has always worked for and with the best. Until recently in the Michelin-starred Bottiglieria 1881 restaurant in Cracow, now here at ISTO he creates surprising culinary combinations. He dresses traditions in world trends, enriches European cuisine with a Japanese hint, and tirelessly searches for umami – the fifth, elusive taste.

Together with his deputy, Bartosz Urbański, who gained experience in the best Silesian (Silesian Prohibition, Mañana Bistro & Wine Bar, Novo RestoBar) and Warsaw restaurants (Concept13, Belvedere, Epoka by Marcin Przybysz), they both create an irreplaceable duo, with whom you will discover what is most important in food.


We are located in the very centre of the city’s cultural life in the so-called Culture Zone. The premises are located in a modern office building designed by Medusa Group, in the vicinity of the iconinc “Spodek” and architecture recognizable beyond Silesia. The International Congress Centre (ICC) is located just arou nd the corner – this is the seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR) or the Silesian Museum (SM).

The parking lot is located on Olimpijska Street, in front of the International Congress Centre.