ISTO Restaurant

ISTO Restaurant is a culinary concept in which we retrace the idea of contemporary Polish cuisine combined with elements of European and Japanese cooking.

This is a space where authentic, unprocessed cuisine based on regional Polish products, but inspired by global trends, awaits you. In a word – surprising! The place located in the very heart of the Silesian agglomeration, where business meets culture, tradition meets modernity, craft meets culinary art.

The chef, Ziemowit Owczarz, following the philosophy of simple serving of unobvious taste fusions, will take you on a search for what is the best in cuisine – after all “ISTO” in Silesian means “really, indeed”. Every dish is an opportunity to discover umami, the fifth, elusive flavour, so difficult to describe. A taste that both balances and enhances the culinary experience.

Indulge yourself in surprising seasonal cuisine, created with the best quality ingredients.

Celebrate with us such an ordinary yet important time as a meal.


The ISTO restaurant is located in the centre of Katowice’s cultural life, in the so-called Culture Zone. The restaurant is located in a modern KTW office building, designed by Medusa Group, providing you a chance to admire the iconic “Spodek” from behind the glass panels.

In our close vicinity you will also find the following recognisable buildings: The International Congress Centre (ICC), the seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR) or the Silesian Museum (SM).

The parking lot is located on Olimpijska Street, in front of the International Congress Centre.


A city is more than a network of transport links. Streets and intersections carry people, their affairs, plans and dreams… they are arteries that literally bustle with life! Diversity, freedom, dynamism. The same applies to our cuisine and restaurant.

In the industrial, modern yet comfortable interior of ISTO you will find a comfortable place to quietly discover the most varied shades of culinary delight. Although we will take you on a long voyage through flavours, you will be reminded of where you are by black and white Silesian photographs.

Wood, shades of gold and silver combined with distinctive black provide the restaurant with a cosy yet classy feel. The discreet lighting harmonises perfectly with the natural light streaming in through the panoramic windows. The interior is eye-catching but not overwhelming, so that you can focus on what matters most – celebrating your meal at ISTO.


The menu features dishes familiar from Polish cuisine, but composed in a new way, surprisingly revealing thanks to extras. Everything is harmonised: the quality of the products, the cooking techniques and the way they are served.



To book a table, call us::
mobile 519 073 880

In our restaurant you can book a standard table or at intimate box table.